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as we bolt toward 2013 I feel it maybe time for a bit of an overdue update. few recent events include a week of concerts and teaching with flautist Melissa Doecke in Alice Springs and concerts at Montsalvat and in Hamilton.

I have released two new discs this year, the first of course being duo 19's debut 'Fluid Lines' and the second Guitar Trek's 5th album 'Six Fish' on tall poppies. the latter coincides with the ensemble's 25th anniversary and features numerous premiere recordings of works by some of Australia's leading composers. and it's not bad either just quietly...

ant and I are playing a concert next month as part of Melbourne university's guitar perspectives series, come along, say g'day or even hi would do. and buy a cd! deets below.

also, hails to my friends Muzzy, Wayne S, Mel D, Kate H - just because.

finally, I wish to share this quote from an angry tattooed man: 'Life is short, and music is humankind's ultimate achievement. Michelangelo, Picasso, Einstein were all unfathomably brilliant, but I would toss any one of them off the center spot of my couch when I put on this pristine copy of Hawkwind's Doremi Fasol Latido...'

you can probably insert your own favoured wax masterpiece - for me it might be Nigel North's Bach on the Lute set, The Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique or Reign in Blood by Slayer - but the sentiment is clear, and I love it.

but I digress, constantly...

Monday 12 November, 7.30pm
Songs, Dances and Riffs
Duo 19 : Antony Field and Dan McKay

Wyselaskie Auditorium
  (Opposite the Melbourne Cemetery)

Uniting Church Centre For Theology And Ministry

29 College Cres Parkville

Admission: $20/$15


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