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ok so i haven't updated this blog in way more than 12 months. could have something to do with  a] parenthood [20 month old lad]  b] double parenthood [2 month old lass]  c] performance and recording activities few and far between [see above]  d] being pretty slack when it comes to online shenannigans  e] all of the above

but i am happy to report the following

- upcoming duo recital with antony field @ early music studio, university of melbourne, august 16 2010 [more details to come]  - solo recital in adelaide [november]  - duo recitals with zoe black [vln] in melbourne, canberra and beyond booked for 2011  - new solo guitar work by tim hansen on the cards late 2010  - new solo cd in the making as well as a new duo cd in planning with ant

more details as they come to hand





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