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zoe and i have pretty much completed work on our new cd - just waiting on a master cd, finishing off graphic design and programme notes then it's off to the people whole turn it into a 'compact disc'. so far we are stoked, martin, blake and rhys at move have done a tip top job. hopefully we shan't be the only ones who think so!! i have uploaded a preview track here for your aural excitement...or otherwise...hoping to finally get the disc out within the next two can kinda only get to this secret page preview thing by reading this blog, so i hope you feel special!!

zoe and i have a few dates for musica viva coming up - 5 concerts at the end of august, dates and further info to be posted soon. plus we'll be doing a cd launch too, once we know when the disc is on the way to being finished

i have a few solo gigs coming up in a few months time for the canberra, melbourne and hobart classical guitar societies

hobart - 8 august

canberra - 6 september [wesley music centre, canberra]

melbourne date tbc but most likely early august

again i shall post further info soon

been listening to this great lp by the nouvelle vague - bossa nova/lounge type covers of all these post-punk songs by depeche mode, public image, killing joke, xtc etc. got onto this one a bit late, it was released in 2004, but they breath new life into these tunes. and spinning the odd segovia lp too

of course i haven't been watching underbelly as it is illegal in victoria




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