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let's see how long i maintain interest in this here we blog, which i will attempt to update whenever anything happens that i think may of interest to anyone in the public arena...probably not that often but here goes

a uk posse run by james turnbull has seen fit to run a podcast featuring yours truly. isn't that nice? for those of you who already own and have even listened to my solo cd this is perhaps not so interesting, as the programme consists of works from said cd - including a bonus 'hidden' track...spooky...but the more people who tune in the more chance they have of retaining their funding and that's all the better for young [ahem...i use the term loosely...] musicians who need the exposure

zoë black and i are in the process of finishing off our debut cd for move records. featuring works by ourkouzounov, piazzolla, phillip houghton and premiere recordings of works by elena kats-chernin and young canberra-based composer timothy hansen. we're thinking march/april release so i guess that means you should look out for it in may/june...more info to follow...

i enter the studio again next week with guitar trek to finish off our new cd of australian works. this one features premiere recordings of recent works by richard charlton, martin wesley-smith, nigel westlake and phillip houghton. with the exception of nigel's piece all of the works were composed for guitar trek within the last ten years. this disc is a real beauty - no kidding! - and i play three guitars on it, lamentably not at the same time...we are still waiting on a release date for our fourth cd which features works by spanish and south american composers manuel de falla, joaquin turina, paolo bellinati among others. both these discs will be released on abc classics, and will be available for purchase here, as is our back catalogue

concerts page will be updated shortly with a few recitals for 08 but for now stick these two dates in your diary - 

22/06/08 - guitar trek - bateman's bay nsw [5pm start]

24/06/08 - guitar trek - trinity grammar school, sydney




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